Mark Richards Puffer Fish Review


What the Mark Richards’ website says about the Puffer Fish:

‘This is a new model for 2009. It has more volume than the Flying Fish, and size for size, it is ¾” wider. It has been designed for surf in the 1′ – 4’ range and it excels in poor surf conditions.


– added width, thickness, and flatter rocker than the Flying Fish model, for performance in small waves;
– a full nose with a low entry rocker for planing speed and ease of catching waves;
– a single to double concave bottom with an accentuated V-like spine in the double concave which gives it an easy rail to rail transition;
– a double wing swallow to reduce the tail area which allows for quick direction changes and assists rail to rail transition;
– a swallowtail for bite and holding power through turns.

Even though this is a wider fish, it is still designed to surf from rail to rail and can turn a small sloppy surf session into a ton of fun.

The standard fin setup is an FCS 3 fin thruster however it may be custom ordered with a Super Twin set-up of 2 FCS twin fins plus an FCS rear stabilizer fin OR an FCS Quad set-up.’

Image Source: Mark Richards

What people are saying about it:

“The magic stick right here.” – user 0ceanminded87 on Instagram

“Mark, I am so happy with this board. Having so much fun surfing small waves again. Thanks so much.” – user isongarry on Instagram

“Bought one last week… Awesome board… Puts [the] fun back into surfing!” – user phil.minkie on Instagram

“Yep this my all-time fave small wave board but now I know why I don’t look into a mirror.” – user pop_diddy on Instagram

Size Available:
The size range is from 5’8″ up to 7’2″.

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Here are pictures we found of the Mark Richards Puffer Fish on Instagram:



Do you own Mark Richards’ Puffer Fish? How does it surf?

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