Mark Richards Puffer 5 Review

What the Mark Richards site says about the Puffer 5:

‘This model was based on my Puffer Fish with some major changes. I took some area out of the nose and the tail to give it a more regular short board thruster-like feel. I wanted to combine the best elements of its ‘fish features’, as in ease of paddling and good planning speed, while tweaking the bottom rocker, nose and tail outline introducing a more high-performance element to it. This model has less nose width than the Puffer Fish but more than the Ranger series.

We offer this model stock with 5 sets of FCS2 plugs, which gives the option of riding it as a Quad in smaller surf and a Thruster in bigger surf. Best conditions for this model are 2’ to 6’ surf.


    • A generous pointed nose width and relaxed nose entry rocker for planing speed;
    • A single-to-double concave bottom for speed, with an accentuated V-like spine in the double concaves, for quick rail to rail direction changes;
    • A pronounced bump wing with the bump positioned slightly forward of the back, foot which shortens the rail line and allows for a tight turning radius for the radical moves of modern high-performance surfing;
    • It comes stock with a rounded square tail which allows for ease of pivoting through tight turns, but custom order options include a swallow tail.’

    What people are saying about it:

    “Would do anything to have that board in my quiver.” – m_roselli31 on Instagram

    “Really good small wave board.” – mark_waldeck on Instagram

    “Looks hot.” – markplater on Instagram

    “A thing of beauty!!” – sprackdackler on Instagram

    “Did a clinic this morning bar and Hoggy was ripping! Board went so well, hoping to steal a go myself!” – learntosurfnewcastle on Instagram

    “It goes as good as it looks!” – cvd075 on Instagram

    Size chart:

    Size range is 5’ 6” to 7’6”.

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