Mark Richards Flying Fish Review

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What the Mark Richards website says about the Flying Fish:

‘This model was introduced in 2007 and is my most popular fish. Most fishes on the market are wide, flat slabs with twin keels, which go down the line fast, but won’t surf rail to rail.

The MR Flying Fish is different to the rest. It is a performance fish which is designed to surf from rail to rail while also incorporating the fish qualities of great planing speed and drive in small waves.


  • a full pointed nose with a low entry rocker for paddle power and planing speed;
  • a single to double concave bottom, with an accentuated V-like spine in the double concave, which gives it incredible acceleration and easy rail to rail transition;
  • a wing to reduce tail area, which assists rail to rail transition, and allows for quick direction changes;
  • a swallowtail for bite and holding power through turns.

This model is designed to excel in 1 to 6-foot surf as a fun alternative to your usual board. The Flying fish puts the enjoyment back into small wave surfing.

The standard fin setup is an FCS 3 fin thruster however it may be custom ordered with a Super Twin set-up of 2 FCS twin fins plus an FCS rear stabilizer fin OR an FCS Quad set-up.’

Image Source: Mark Richards

What people are saying about it:

“This is a really great surfboard that is sure up your game in the water.” – GearTrade

“First bought one of these around 4 years ago and it was totally superb. Turned average summer surf into lots of fun, have used in head and overhead height in Indonesia. The board started to wear out and I went and bought a new one about 4 weeks ago. Both boards are exactly the same by MR’s dimensions. 6’0 x 20 1/4 x 2 1/2. The second board, however, I don’t like at all, the wide point is pushed further forward and there is an overall thickness from close to the nose right to the tail so it has much more volume than the prior one and hence for me is considerably less maneuverable. Wishing now that I went 2-4 inches shorter. I’m now back to riding the old one again and thinking about what to do…” – user BSH on Surf Science

“Nice board aye, makes me want to buy one tomorrow.” – user theeasylifer on Instagrama

“That Flying Fish/Supertwin setup was my favourite board, until you just did me a Rocket/five plug a few months ago, Mark.Now I’ve got a new favourite, thanks Mark for all the great boards. Every board of yours just ‘works’.” – user eastcoast67 on Instagram

Thanks MR, really enjoying it. This board makes it easy to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings.” – user plintj on Instagram

Size Available:
The size range is from 5’8″ up to 7’6″.

Here’s a video of the Mark Richards Flying Fish:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Do you own a Mark Richards Flying Fish? Let us know how it surfs below!

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