Mark Richards Bushranger Review

What the Mark Richards website says about the Bushranger:

‘This model is our high-performance state-of-the-art thruster, which continues to evolve and change with innovations in surfboard design. For the experienced surfer, if you only want one board for performance surfing in quality waves this is it.

With the popularity of Fish designs, and alternate Hybrid equipment over the past few years, the main changes to this model have been an increase in volume, extra width, and a slight increase in standard thicknesses. Most noticeable is an increase in the area of the board forward of the centre, resulting in an increased nose width, giving the board better planing speed and more paddle power.


  • An increased nose width and relaxed nose entry rocker for planing speed;
  • A single-to-double concave bottom with an accelerated tail rocker for speed and quick rail to rail direction changes;
  • A bump wing with the bump positioned slightly forward of the back foot which shortens the rail line and allows for a tight turning radius for the radical moves of modern high-performance surfing;
  • The most popular tail is a rounded square which allows for ease of pivoting through tight turns, but custom order options include a round pin or a swallow tail.’

Image Source: Slimes

What people are saying about it:

“My bushranger felt amazing under my feet from the first wave and for me there are two things which make it special. Firstly, the tightness turning (particularly at the end of rail turns) due to the hip in the tail and secondly, the smoothness of the tail release out of the lip. I mainly ride it with FCS AM2’s which I love, but also liked medium Mick Fanning’s in it.

Works best in anything 1-4ft and like all performance boards feels best in steeper waves. It can be ridden in larger surf however you cannot push your turns quite as hard, particularly on a bumpy face.” – Tim Dickson on Slimes

“Been trying a few fin combos with my #mrbushrangermodel round tail and so far the kelly’s are the bomb. @markrichardssurfboards just had a great surf this morning. Really like the different feel the round tail has. Not a loose as my 5’11 round square and more forgiving than the round pin in beach break waves. Happy days ahead when I start with some quad options.” – user learntosurfnewcastle on Instagram

“They’re groovy.” – user jasminevanwyck on Instagram

“Best board ever!” – user timdickson on Instagram

“Very nice! Love the bushranger model. I have a 6’1″ round pin and a 5’11” round square both go so well.” – user learntosurfnewcastle on Instagram

“High performance!!!!” – user campbambam on Instagram

Size Chart:

Size range is 5′ 8″ to 7’0″.

Here is a video of the Mark Richards Bushranger:

Here are pictures we found on Instagram:







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