Mark Richards 1982 Swallow Tail Single Fin Gun Review

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What the Mark Richards Surfboards site says about the 1982 Swallow Tail Single Fin Gun:

This is a replica of the board I rode in Hawaii in 1982 to win my 4th World Title. The original board was 7’4″, 19″ wide, and 2 ¾” thick. The outline is classic single fin with a full nose, wide point above centre, and a drawn in tail to give it holding power in big surf.


  • the deck is flat with plenty of rail volume, which carries right up in to the beak nose, making it really easy to paddle;
  • the bottom shape is a subtle spiral V starting 1/3 back from the nose and becoming more pronounced in the tail section of the board;

It comes stock with a baby swallow tail, but is also available as a round pin. If you want to ride some big waves with the ‘old school’ dependability of a single fin gun, then this is the board for you.

Image Source: Mark Richards Blog

What people are saying about it:

“Awesome.” – user bergman.ed on Instagram

“Amazing..!!” – user cunicelliphoto on Instagram

“Love that outline!!! Reminds me fondly of another board! Custom boards RULE!!” – user rawsonsurfboard on Instagram

“That board looks insane.” – user heathpodmore on Instagram

“Nice board.” – user b.bugarski_surfboards on Instagram

“Love the small swallow tail @markrichardssurfboards beautiful outline. Really enjoyed the last post. Some great insight on blending concaves. Keep it coming. Cheers to you and the family.” – user rhythm_stix on Instagram

Size chart:

7’0″ up to 7’8″

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Mark Richards 1982 Swallow Tail Single Fin Gun:


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