Mark Richards 1978 Retro Twin Fin Review


What the Mark Richards website says about the 1978 Retro Twin Fin:

‘This is the very first MR twin fin, and is the same shape as the board I rode in the classic movie Free Ride. This board is designed to be ridden and does not feature the hand-made fins and intricate spray of the Free Ride Collectors Edition.

The 1978 Retro Twin Fin started the multi-fin revolution and completely changed our perception of high-performance surfing. I won the Stubbies and Bells events on this board which set me on a track to win 4 World Titles.


  • a full pointed nose with maximum thickness carried forward;
  • a classic wing swallow tail shape which reduces area to give the board holding power through turns;
  • a fluted wing which adds bite and alleviates slides when turning;
  • a deep-V bottom which gets the board flowing from rail to rail.

It comes with a simplified 2-colour version of the Free Ride deck spray and a clear bottom. The size range is from 5’8″ up to 6’8″ and the finish is a gloss and polish with white set fins.’

Image Source: Mark Richards website

Image Source: Mark Richards blog

What people are saying about it:

I had my maiden voyage on my new MR retro twin this morning, if your chasing a new board to add some excitement back to your surfing these boards are amazing.” – user lohy69 on Instagram

“81 or 78 hard choice both beautiful.” – user an_ocean_view_product on Instagram

“Timeless classic , current and modern all in one.” – user darren.paxton on Instagram

“I need this board Mark!!!!!!!” – user betinhobackdoor on Instagram

“I’m thinking this would be a great foil board.” – user ryanhurley on Instagram

Size Range:
The board is available from 5’8″ to 6’8″

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Here are pictures of the Mark Richards 1978 Retro Twin Fin we found on Instagram:

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