Mark Richards 1974 Retro Pipeline Pintail Gun Review



What the Mark Richards Surfboards site says about the 1974 Retro Pipeline Pintail Gun:

‘This is my interpretation of a classic 70’s era Pipeline Single Fin Pintail Gun. Ridden in and out of thousands of tubes and inspired by Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell. The outline is classic single fin, full nose with the wide point above centre and a drawn pintail for holding power in tubes and big surf.


  • deck is flat with plenty of rail volume, which carries right up to the beak nose making it really easy to paddle;
  • bottom shape is a subtle spiral V starting 1/3 back from the nose and becoming more pronounced in the tail ahead of the fin.

If you want to ride some big waves with ‘old school’ paddle power, and the dependability of a narrow tail gun, then this is the board for you.’

What people are saying about it:

“Greatest.” – user ttsurf1173 on Instagram

“Looks insane!!!” – user pureglassinc on Instagram

“I would love to own one of these.” – user gav_smith01 on Instagram

“That’s a wall hanger.” – user boskophoto on Instagram

“Epic board.” – malibusurf

“Pure Art!” – cesarcolombo_surfer

“Best ever.” – user kilafins on Instagram

“It would be an honor to surf that.” – user theinfamousdfr on Instagram

“This board doesn’t look retro to me , I’d use that template any day ! It will work in the juice guaranteed !!” – user drewfishk on Instagram

“Now that’s a board!” – user canteencafe on Instagram

“What a gun. Love it.” – user aus_suzvw on Instagram

“That is a beautiful weapon !!!” – user richo_rad on Instagram

Size chart:

7’6″ up to 8’6″

No videos found for this model

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Mark Richards 1974 Retro Pipeline Pintail Gun:







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