LSD Twinny Review


What the LSD Surfboards website says about the Twinny:

‘This Twinny model was inspired by an original Ben Aipa Twin fin.

Amazingly fun board for all conditions (just about). To be ordered 4 inches shorter/1 or 2 litres more than your standard shorty. Comes with a third stabiliser fin for the not so daring.’

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

Image Source: Boardcave

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23.6 - 41.3 LVolume
1 - 8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The LSD Twinny is a fun board made for people that want a fast twin fin that can perform in most conditions.” – Boardcave

“I’ve been solely surfing twin-fin fish for 8 years. I’ve had 2 custom-made Jim Banks, a custom Burton and a Takayama. I’ve been looking for a ride that would still offer the flow and speed of a fish, but also have more bite and drive through the turns and more dependability in taking off on sucky waves. I emailed Luke Short to ask him about this board – & it seemed to be perfect. Although I was a bit skeptical about getting a far east factory board – I was assured of the quality. I am VERY pleased with it. Exactly the ride I wanted. Built well and packaged well. I can’t see me riding any other board for a long time.” – user simonsurf on

“Riding this board as a twinny will give you speed down the line and looseness in your turns but there is a third fin option if you wanted to make it more stable in bigger conditions.

The diamond tail is the perfect blend of rounded pin and squash, giving fast rail to rail responsiveness and great hold. Performance, speed and drive in pretty much everything the ocean can chuck at you. Shortboard performance and twin fin smooth style equals new-school/old-school in the perfect mix.Easy board to surf but hard to put down, it will fast become your favorite everyday board…” – Tiki Surf

“Such a hot shape ! That thing looks ready to fly.” – user outside247 on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the LSD Twinny:

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And here are pictures we found ofn Instagram:

Ever ridden an LSD Twinny? How was it?

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