LSD Tex Review


What the LSD site says about the Tex:

‘The Tex is a super stubby little thing for when the waves are super small or you’re just feeling lazy.
The bloated girth and thickness of Tex will get you trimming and turning on any wave that breaks. The contemporary single into double concaves gives this craft plenty of spark. A balanced outline combined with a large round squash tail helps with the control of this little animal.

The Tex should be ordered approximately 5 inches shorter or three four liters more than your conventional short board.’

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

27.9 - 48 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The LSD Tex is a great small wave stubby-shaped fun board to get you going when the waves are flatter. Surf it shorter and wider than your standard shortboard.” –

“LSD Tex one of our favorite boards!” – User @surfersvarberg on Instagram

Thanks #ripcurl and #lsdsurfboards for the #texgroveller design that makes soft little waves fun, not frustrating. A little ripper with #futurefins AM2 quad’s with nubster. Took a while to find this combo. #vonsol #Nubster did the trick to find right balance between looseness and drive. If you feel too loose and slidey on a wide tailed board try it, or use bigger rears in your quad set than your normal board. Even the slightest increase/decrease in fin area back their will totally change the feel.” – User @thesliderfiles on Instagram

“That’s cool! :)” – User subwingsport on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the LSD Tex:

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