LSD Renegade Review


What the LSD site says about the Renegade:

‘The Renegade is a personal favourite of Luke’s. He liked the glide and free feeling of the retro type Fishes, but wanted a board that would fit into steeper sections and could be pushed a bit harder.

Full semi round nose with wide-ish tail provides the glide feeling. Lower rocker throughout, makes it easy for speed and drive. Single concave with a decent double within, adding lift and a double concave with vee off the tail for easy turn initiation.

Luke redesigned the Renegade without the wing and change the tail shape to a widish rounded square, for more hold and cleaner surfing. This board has been a refreshing and fun board for team riders Julian and Noa to get onto, especially after the contest grind.

To be ridden around 5 inches shorter, 1 inch wider and 1/8 thicker than your conventional performance shortboard… Enjoy’

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

27.0 - 47.0 LVolume
1-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Renegade gives you the glide and free feel of a retro fish that can be pushed a little harder and still fit into steeper sections. With a semi rounded nose and a wider-tail alongside a single concave and a lower rocker gives you plenty of speed and drive. The Double concave and vee out the back ensure you get easy turn initiation. The LSD Renegade is a fun board that gives you the feel of a modern fish that can also fit into steeper sections and be pushed harder.” –

“Just bought this online and it’s a tiny bit too small for me.
Great board for Gower, nice wide nose for picking up waves easily and 5 fin options (FCS) for quad or thruster.”
– User sjb1983 on

“Great looking sled.” – User common_household_spider on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the LSD Renegade:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:


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