LSD Double Dish Review


What the LSD site says about the Double Dish:

‘This board has been developed as a small wave board yet still trying to keep a performance feeling. The over all smooth rocker is on the lower side, together with a fuller outline to get you up and going fast without too much effort. A full single concave also helps with lift and speed; Within the single is a deep double concave increasing acceleration when over on the rail and also helps with control at higher speed.

The rails are not too chunky so the board can be easily dominated through turns. This model with the 4 fin setup has been a favourite of Julian’s as his groveler and busting the odd waft or 50. Works best with a swallow. To be ordered 1/2” wider and 1” to 2” shorter than your conventional performance board.’

Image Source:LSD Surfboards

22.6 - 38.7 LVolume
1-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The LSD Double Dish is great for smaller waves when you really want to perform. This board allows you to get going without too much effort while still giving you a performance feel.” –

Size Chart:

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