LSD Chubby Chedda Review


What the LSD website says about the Chubby Chedda:

‘Coming up to its fifth birthday The Chubby Chedda is proving to be a way more versatile short board than ever anticipated and the favourite of many re-ordering their LSD.

The design stemmed from a widened outline of a contemporary shortboard, hence the ‘Chubby’ providing desirable fast planing speed.

The nose rocker is low for acceleration and ease of paddling while the performance-style tail rocker allows the board to get vertical and whippy when needed. Single concave throughout with a decent double under the back foot makes it easy to roll over from rail to rail.’

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

Image Source: Surfer’s Village

Paddle Power
Skill Level
23.8 – 39.53 LVolume
1 – 5 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Chubby Chedda is a versatile short board and one of the most re-ordered in the LSD range. With a widened outline, this board has great planing speed and a low nose rocker turns it into a paddling dream. This combined with a more performancy tail rocker gives you a board that can get vertical when needed.

The LSD Chubby Chedda is a small wave performer giving you plenty of paddle power combined with the ability to whip it around on your backfoot.” – Boardcave

“Designed by Luke Short, the Chubby Chedda is a refined version of the original Chubby Checker, a favorite of many including Julian Wilson when he’s free surfing or pushing it in expression sessions.

Luke widened the outline slightly while adding a subtle hip behind the front fins, adding more whip through turns. The concaves are also deeper, creating more ‘get up and go’, and the tail rocker has been accentuated for the perfect blend of speed and responsiveness.

The Chubby Chedda is best described as a ‘performance-hybrid’, and should be ridden at least two inches shorter than your standard high performance short board. And if push comes to shove, the design will hold its own in overhead surf as well.” – Surfer’s Village

“That’s the best board ever!!! I love it, it’s my best one” – Eduardo Souto on YouTube

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the LSD Chubby Chedda:

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