LSD ARP Review


What the LSD site says about the ARP:

‘This model has derived from years of refinement, testing and more refinement to create the key board for All Round Performance surfing. The rocker is moderate, smooth and continuous in union with a clean outline to create drive and speed.

The bottom contains a single concave through out; a small double within the single among the fins generating lift with control. Rails are of medium volume to allow run but also to keep things responsive.

This season we have altered the balance of bottom rocker by slightly dropping the nose and increasing the tail, enabling a hard drive off the front foot and a free and alive response off the top. Also assists with get up and go for paddle and all round speed.’

Image Source: LSD Surfboards

23.1 - 35.0 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Arp is an all round performance board for everyday conditions. With medium rails and a single to double concave combined with a moderate, smooth rocker, this board gives you plenty of drive and speed. The squash tail allows you to control your turns. The LSD Arp is best for performance surfing in everyday conditions. With slightly more tail rocker and a lower nose this season, this board really gives you plenty of get up and go.” –

“So I thought this board might teach me not to drink and fill out shaper cards, since I couldn’t remember the dims and I thought I made it too small. Not so! It’s 6’5″ x 20 3/4 x 2 11/16. Such a high performance monster. Not As round as the DHD Bobby Monster. But I had no trouble getting up and going;the rocker is continuous but fairly moderate throughout. It’s a single concave with a double in the fins. I thought I had almost given up riding thrusters, but I’m really glad I got this. It’s the ARP model (all around perf.) and I can see that. It went great at el porto in chest high close outs with a couple corners in there. Super stocked on this one! Luke Short really nailed it. Almost all my boards are customs from California shapers, but this thing really will do the job for our surf–moved to the front my rotation!” – User finboy3 on

Size Chart:

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the LSD ARP:

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