Lost V3 Rocket Review


What the Lost Surfboards site says about the V3 Rocket:

‘The V3 Rocket is an extension of the Rocket Collection. Released in 2014, it quickly became a surf shop sales standout and a custom order favorite, around the world. From the average, everyday surfer, to the traveling pro, almost all who ride a V3 are stoked. Word has spread, and popularity continues to grow. From My personal 6‘0’ x 40 liter “go-to” board all year long, to Luke Davis winning a WQS on a 23liter 5’4” the diversity is clear…it’s a great all-around hybrid design for just about any type of surfer. In the last year, Nate Yeomans won two more Pro events on a V3. The Oneill, Cold Water Classic (in Fall 2014) on a stock 5’9” V3, in standard construction, and most recently The SunDiego AmSlam, on a stock 5’7″, in BlackDart construction. Now available in both C3 and BlackDart builds.’

Image source: Lost Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The V3 Rocket, like all other rocket series boards, has a flatter entry rocker and then a good amount of rocker in the tail. This added tail kick means the board can be surfed aggressively off the tail when you want to do a cutback etc. If you’re super heavy on the back foot all the time, you might want something with a flatter tail rocker, to keep you in trim and prevent you from plowing the board through the water.” – REAL Watersports on YouTube

“I went straight to this V3 Rocket; and the V3 Rocket, I have to say, I’m not disappointed in the board. It goes fantastically well in lots and lots of different wave types. I have been surfing this for a few weeks now and I’ve surfed it all the way from solid overhead to double overhead waves all the way down to waist to shoulder high, flatter faced, peaky beach break waves.” – Ben, CompareSurfboards.com

“Just a great all rounder. Performs surprisingly well for a hybrid in bigger, better surf, so far have ridden it in up to 6ft East Coast Oz. The key for me to get the most out of this board was to switch to quads. Using large FCS2 Al Merrick in the small stuff, and FCS2 Mayhems on the better days. This board felt sluggish as a 3 fin.

The best review I can give this board is that when the time comes for a replacement, I’ll most likely re-order the same.” – Matt on CompareSurfboards.com

“Awesome board that perfectly suits my style of surfing. Builds speed easily and has incredible release even as a quad. Highly recommended.” – Nick on BoardCave.com.au

“Best board I’ve ridden, great in the tube and on smaller fat waves as a quad. Once it gets overhead I would ride as thruster. It’s super fast with heaps of volume which makes it very forgiving!” – Ashley on BoardCave.com.au

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