Lost V3 Rocket C3 Construction Review


What the Lost Surfboards website says about the V3 Rocket C3 Construction:

About the V3 Rocket

‘The V3 Rocket is an extension of the Rocket Collection. Released in 2014, it quickly became a surf shop sales standout and a custom order favorite, around the world. From the average, every day surfer, to the traveling pro, almost all who ride a V3 are stoked. Word has spread, and popularity continues to grow. From My personal 6‘0’ x 40 liter “go-to” board all year long, to Luke Davis winning a WQS on a 23liter 5’4” the diversity is clear…it’s a great all around hybrid design for just about any type of surfer. In the last year, Nate Yeomans won two more Pro events on a V3. The Oneill, Cold Water Classic (in Fall 2014) on a stock 5’9” V3, in standard construction, and most recently The SunDiego AmSlam, on a stock 5’7″, in BlackDart construction. Now available in both C3 and BlackDart builds.’

About the C3 Technology

‘C3 (Carbon / Cork / Composite ) technology is a surfboard construction method initially developed by East Coast US board builder, Drew Bagget. Our relationship with Drew began when he walked up to our (Surf Expo) trade show booth holding an early version of his construction. Although still a bit crude, and not completely refined, I was immediately enamored with his creation.

The construction starts with light weight, stringer-less, eps blanks. The blanks are cut and shaped from the same cad designs, and hand finished, like all of our custom surfboards. The deck and rails are then wrapped (and vacuum bagged to remove all excess resin) with our exclusively developed, uni-directional, carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber is the 2nd most common natural element on planet earth and remains one of the highest strength to weight ratio, and cost effective building materials available. The Carbon runs nose to tail and is held together by an “S” Glass fill, running across the deck. The specially “cored” Carbon is an extremely flat weave that doesn’t fray or “fuzz”. The vacuum process removes all the excess resin. The Carbon structure, unlike wood stringers, stays consistent and wont break down over time…ensuring a very light board that is also strong and has a fast, lively and predictable reflex memory. The carbon wrapping the rails creates a “C” structure that keeps the board from over flexing under the weight of the surfer, and minimizes torsional flex. Thicker boards (and thus rails) for larger surfers, are proportionately more rigid than the thinner boards…for lighter surfers.

The second unique feature is the natural, exposed, “CoreCork” sheeting that is also vacuumed to the deck. We purchase our CoreCork from Amorim, an over 100 year old company…with a surfing CEO, who use protected Portuguese trees, that are never killed, but “harvested”, like a Sheep’s wool, every 8 years. Cork is a natural vibration dampener and its use in our boards negates the often twitchy, erratic feel of other epoxy surfboards. The Cork deck gives the surfer a smoother, more neutral and predictable ride.

Our cork is purposely left exposed, with no fiberglas over the top of it. When vacuumed onto the carbon, the C3 process pulls resin completely through the cork, adhering it firmly to the deck. The excess resin is sanded off, leaving a smooth, raw cork surface to stand on. The is no need for wax on the cork areas of the C3 boards. When wet, the cork becomes a natural, non abrasive, non-slip surface. Standing and surfing on the C3 cork deck is akin to putting on a nice pair of sandals after walking barefoot for hours ….smoothing out the ride.

When submerged in water, the cork only saturates 2-3% more than its dry weight when wet. It quickly drys…like a ducks feathers, after leaving the water. On our more HP minded designs we have left the cork off the tail area of the board to leave an exposed carbon surface for applying after market, adhesive traction. Traction does stick to the cork, but where traction is used, the dampening features of the cork are not as needed. The bottom of the C3 board is then glassed using multiple layers of clear, 4oz Warp glass. The Warp glass slightly overlaps the CoreCork on the deck, to ensure the cork remains permanently bonded to the rails. All the boards are then finished off with beautifully colored pin-lines (matching the logos) and the deck logos are hot iron “branded” into the cork. The C3 boards are light, strong and visually stunning. They feature a quick, lively and forgiving performance that absolutely adds a bit of spark in typical surfing conditions, for average and above average surfers alike.’

Image Source: Lost Surfboards

Image Source: surfride.com

Image Source: boardshop.co.uk

What people are saying about the V3 Rocket C3 Construction:

“This is a really fast and versatile board, just flies! carbon gives a good flex and when it gets bigger the board stays on the rails. Deck cork is a different new sensation under your feet, but cool!! Awesome board for medium-high surf” – user Dario on boardshop.co.uk

“The Lost V3 Rocket C3 provides a soft smooth ride while still being super responsive in in your average surf conditions. The bigger the volume on the C3 boards the more weight you save so the better they work especially in small surf.” – foxwatersports.com

“Had it out in knee to head and a half. I also had it out in head high barreling conditions. The board does feel lively (I’m an intermediate) , it paddles in well and once in the wave accelerates quickly. As soon as I have put it on a rail it really switches on and flies through turns (intermediate proviso again) and I felt like it really flattered the pilot. Paddling in to barreling waves was easy to get in nice and early. In head an a half onshore its liveliness started to get the better of me feeling a bit bouncy but maybe with an advanced rider would still be fine.

Love the construction, didn’t want to get the board wet, she is a real looker. I’m not sure how easy it will be to repair if I ding it or how long the cork deck will last. One thing I am disappointed in, I had to wax the board, albeit only lightly. One of the primary reasons for the purchase was not having to get the wax out, so for that I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars.” – user Martin on boardshop.co.uk

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the Lost V3-Rocket C3 Construction:

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Do you own a Lost V3 Rocket C3 Construction? How does it ride? Let us know below.

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