Lost Uber Driver Review

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What the Lost website says about the Uber Driver:

‘Uber means excessive, beyond, and above all. The new Uber Driver is just that. Excessive fun, beyond expectations and above all – a great everyday surfboard. It’s designed to further blend the barriers between hybrids and Pro-Formance surfboards.

The Uber Driver features the outline and rocker/concaves from the back half (engine room/control center) of the DRIVERS currently ridden in smaller waves on tour by Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto. It is then blended to a lower, wider, faster, more forgiving and playful nose. The tail features a low centerline rocker with a curvy rail line rocker under the rear foot, that transitions from a generous single/double concave through the front fins, to a noticeable vee behind the rear fin and out the tail. The nose rocker and forward outline was imported from our Rocket series outlines, and allows this board to be ridden shorter, with more speed out the gate and more drive and stability for everyday surfers. The outline and rocker are blended in a way that enables the board to still be surfed like a modern Pro-formance shortboard. It just feels like you’re cheating a little. The Uber-Driver is the Ripper’s Pro-formance hybrid. Uber-ripping fun for everyone.’

Image Source: Lost Surfboards

Image Source: Boardcave

24 - 41 LVolume
2 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Uber Driver is a small wave speed machine and surfs like a High-Performance shortboard. I really enjoyed this review and both boards we very fast and felt good underfoot. However, the Carbon Wrap had that extra edge in the small waves with a little extra SPRING in my turns.

I highly recommend the Uber Driver for surfers at the Intermediate to advanced skill levels. This board is perfect for Southern California waves in the 1-6′ range.” – Noel Salas on YouTube

“The Lost Pro-Formance Uber Driver surfboard by Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. First and foremost the Uber Driver is a brilliant everyday shortboard for a competent guy or girl surfing the average conditions they encounter at home and on their travels.

Matt has once again managed to blur the line between modern hybrids and performance shortboards. The all-new Uber Driver has been designed with the outline, rocker and concaves from the back half of the everyday drivers that Kolohe Andino and Griffin Colapinto have been attacking the smaller conditions they’ve been encountering on the tour. These “engine room” features are then blended to a more forgiving, front end with a lower rocker and a wider nose borrowed from the Rocket series. The Pro-Formance Uber Driver’s tail has a low rocker over the stringer with a curvy rail line rocker under the back foot, that blends into single/double concave through the front fins which then transitions to a significant vee behind the rear fin and out through the tail.” – Boardshop UK

“Weapons of destruction!” – user jimhoule11 on Instagram

Size Chart:

5’4 18.38 2.28 24.00
5’5 18.50 2.32 25.00
5’6 18.63 2.35 26.00
5’7 18.75 2.38 27.00
5’8 19.00 2.38 28.00
5’9 19.25 2.38 29.00
5’10 19.50 2.44 30.00
5’11 19.75 2.45 31.25
6’0 20.00 2.50 32.25
6’1 20.13 2.50 33.25
6’2 20.25 2.56 34.50
6’3 20.38 2.56 35.50
6’4 20.50 2.63 37.25
6’5 20.75 2.70 39.50
6’6 21.00 2.75 41.00

Here are videos of the Lost Uber Driver:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Ever tried surfing Lost’s Uber Driver? How did it go?

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