Lost Sub Scorcher 2 (Double Wing Swallow) Review

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What the Lost Surfboards site says about the Lost Sub Scorcher 2 (Double Wing Swallow):

‘A very popular small wave, easy riding Shortboard. In the tradition of the Scorcher and Sub Scorcher, this board is based around not having to work for your speed. The conservative rocker has a constant curve and combined with soft, forgiving rails, a curvy outline and a shallow concave, it keeps from feeling sticky and flat…like many low rocker Shortboards. First launched in 2013, this Double wing “Super” Swallow, remains a consistent custom order favorite and for a lot of surfers.’

Image source: lostsurfboards.net

23.2 - 44.7 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Gentle, continuous rocker through the board. Curvy, high performance outline with a bit of extra width through the center. Medium to full rails that are forgiving and are geared towards those average, flatter faced waves
A high performance shortboard template with a “pointy nose” and a tighter tail for advanced surfers who surf radically in the pocket and do big turns but still generous enough proportions to be user friendly for less experienced surfers.”
– Benny on CompareSurfboards.com

“The Sub Scorcher 2 Double Wing Swallow is made for easily generating speed. With a super swallow tail with two wings in the outline, this board gives you plenty of control. A consistent curve in the rocker combined with forgiving rails makes you feel lively.

The Sub Scorcher 2 with double wings gives you an easy rider for small waves. A nice curvy outline combined with a shallow concave ensures this low-rockered shortboard doesn’t feel sticky or flat.” – Boardcave.com.au

“Sexy stub hpsb outline, proven rocker, no vee, double wing swallow to keep it forgiving and easy to surf ( ie wide open sweet spot ).” – retodd on Surfer forum

“Mine’s a double winged swallow and I ride it in a quad with the Bruce Irons Kinetics.

Not sure about the dimensions of Julian and Kolohe’s boards, but the stock dims definitely got the meat in the right places and foam tuned down in the right places as well. I’m about 175, but I’d say closer to 180 after Xmas and rocking a 4/3 with booties…surfed it today and it still paddles well and catches waves easily, but sinks on rail with ease.” – J-bone on Surfer forum

Size chart:

Here is a video we found of the Lost Sub Scorcher 2 (Double Wing Swallow):

And here are Instagram pics we found:

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