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What the Lost Surfboards site say about the RV:

‘The latest in our quest for the ultimate “Domesticated” design. The RV is exactly as its name implies… A “Recreational Vehicle”. Designed for extracting maximum fun with minimum effort and ease of exploitation of your precious free time… If you want to cruise the coast in style and comfort, surf in a resplendent state of wave catching excess and bliss, then the R.V. is for you. The design stems from a blend of the Bottom Feeder/Couch Potato/LayZtoy genre. Noticeable updates include the double wing flyers added to the tail, to reduce surface area and increase bite and precision in turns. Tahe reduced surface area adds confidence of not sliding out in hard snaps, and carves. The novice outline has also been tweaked to reduce some are in the forward 12-18″ of the board, but without reducing drive down the line or paddle ability. The nose feels like it “comes around” quicker in turns and looks …and feels, like more of a performance design. Get on an R.V. and enjoy your recreational time like you never knew you could! ‘


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What people are saying about it:

“The …Lost RV is the most maneuverable board in the real world focused …Lost Domesticated Series. With less volume in the nose, the RV looks and feels more performance focused than the rest of the Domesticated Series” – RealWaterSports.com

“Fast fun surfing in small or average waves. With plenty of volume, The RV easy easy to paddle and goes great in small to waste high waves. The RV is great in small surf and can be turned easy thanks to the hipped pulled in tail. Watch how the RV performs in the video below.” – BoardCave.com.au

“This surfboard is really, really fun to surf. I surfed this Lost RV in waist high, mushier conditions and it did about as I would have expected to do. It was easy to catch waves. It was easy to get to my feet and get going. It does feel very lively with that tail. I was able to turn that tail pretty hard in the pocket a few times. Despite the width of it it’s actually easier to turn a little bit more lively.

I was really impressed with this surfboard just last weekend. I was surfing a beach break with shoulder high to very occasional head high sets; nice, peaky, steep, hollow, barreling beach break A-framing both directions. You know, these are steep faces and I’d only brought one board, otherwise I probably would’ve reached for something else. But I didn’t have anything else so I ended up going out in these steep, peaky waves. The RV did surprisingly well. A few times I took off and I could almost tell the board was jittering getting into that steeper face. It just felt like it was twisting a little bit back and forth because all that width and all that bulk but it still didn’t keep me from getting into a few really cracking waves and getting down the line in steeper surf.” – Benny, CompareSurfboards.com

“I am 5’6, 185-190 lbs – riding the 5’10 lost RV – really enjoying the rob Machado thruster set up on this. I surf 2-5 days a week, and have used the RV in, 12″ lumps to head high – works in pretty much everything for me so far. I surf mainly beach breaks, but the few times I visit points, it likes those too.” – Hibbard1986 on CompareSurfboards.com

“I’ve had my RV for a month now and absolutely loving it. It’s been quite a departure from the boards I’ve been riding and took a few surfs to get dialled in, but having such a ball now. Tried quad setup first, (super fast but I could slide it a little) then thruster ( not so fast but IMO a bit more bite) now trialling quad with a trailer. Would love your advice on fin setups? So thanks heaps for the review that switched me onto this great board. And also great raps to Dave at lost on the goldy. Excellent service and a top quality product that seems very tough but light as well. Stoked!” – Jeff on CompareSurfboards.com

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