Lost Puddle Jumper Review

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Here is the what the LOST site says about the Puddle Jumper:

“The Puddle Jumper is a con-caved, planing surfacer speeder. Domestic bliss with a twist. Based off the outline of the Bottom Feeder, but with reversed bottom and rocker curves. This board, unlike the past Domestic models (like The Bottom Feeder and RV) features a concave bottom that transitions to vee in the tail. The wide outline makes for easy wave catching and down the line glide and stability. The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing. The straight rail line and vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and hold in during hard carving maneuvers.”

“This is the most excited I have ever been about a small wave surfboard. Personally, it’s the best small wave board I have ever ridden. I have never made a claim like that about any board before”
– Matt Biolos



Image Source: Lost

23.5 - 47.55 LVolume
1 - 3 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The promise of a board that strikes the right balance between wave catching ability & speed generation in tiny to small surf while still feeling lively, precise and maneuverable has yet to be fully realised… until now. This board nails it. It paddles like a beast, handles bigger waves and steep drops and feels fast, precise and nimble through turns.” – Benny, CompareSurfboards.com

“The Puddle Jumper, with its wingless outline and concave bottom, provides more low-end horsepower, speed and looseness in true grovel conditions. If you are looking for the fastest, most maneuverable board for small waves or mushy waves only, the Puddle Jumper is the board to go with.

You’re looking for a high speed, loose, aggressive groveler that has the closest feel to your trusted hybrid or shortboard. This board has all its ponies focused on empowering small surf.” – RealWaterSports.com

“It’s totally bitchin’, man!” – ShreddingHippie.com

“If you’re thinking about a groveler, but you don’t want to go pure, down, dirty, bottom feeder type groveler, you should think about this.” – Boardshop.co.uk

Size Chart:

Here are a few videos we found on the Lost Puddle Jumper:

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