Lost Crowd Killer Review

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What the Lost Surfboards site says about the Crowd Killer:

‘The Crowd Killer is a high performance, #hyperfunboard, based off of the Quiver Killer rocker and outline. The idea was to extend it lengthwise and open up this design to a wider audience. It’s a wave catching, easy riding machine that does not skimp on performance.

The Crowd Killer features:

  • A slightly wider, wave catching nose, with a “no pearl” flip tip, allowing the added length to still fit into the curve of waves.
  • A wicked little double bump swallow tail, which feels lively and playful in small surf, yet holds long lines in larger waves.
  • A relaxed and fast central rocker, that glides with ease.
  • Plenty of tail rocker, with deep double concave, for whipping wraps like a pro.
  • New “Hidden Volume” two stage deck line, which focuses the foam toward the stringer and a rapid taper towards the rails. This creates a flat, stable deck, without feeling full or bulbous, and allows sensitive yet forgiving rails.
  • Own the local spot, or piss off locals when you travel with this Crowd Killing machine.’

Image Source: Lost Surfboards

Image Source: Boardshop

1-3ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Crowd Killer has a pretty unique outline with wave catching wider nose which has been given a nice little flip-tip to prevent pearling and help its longer length fit into the curve of the wave.

Things get interesting at the tail with a tasty little bump-swallow which feels really nimble and animated in fun conditions and can still hold a line in more challenging waves. The overall rocker is pretty flat part from a significant lift in the tail to loosen things up and encourage some radical wraps when the situation arises. The Crowd Killer has been given Matt’s new “Hidden Volume” treatment; a two-stage deck-line which centres the foam around the stringer and then tapers out to the rails. This allows the board to carry plenty of volume without the bulky rails often associated with boards of a longer length.

Surfing here in the UK has exploded over the last decade and along with web cameras and surf forecasting websites has led to ever burgeoning crowds on all manner of craft. For those that refuse to surrender to the longboard (or perish the thought….a paddle board!) the Crowd Killer is a really exciting prospect. There is a multitude of short and wide groveller boards for smaller conditions out there and while these boards can turn average surf into super-fun sessions they do sometimes lack paddle speed and are often beaten to the wave by the surfers on longer faster paddling boards. This is where the Crowd Killer really comes into it’s own; the extra length will give you that extra paddle speed and early wave entry and the clever double bump tail and performance rails will really perform in both mediocre and good quality surf conditions.

Grab yourself a Crowd Killer and make a nuisance of yourself at home and on your travels.” – Boardshop

“I started to surf recently upon moving to Dubai in the UAE. I bought a second hand custom 9.1 longboard and then I got in touch with Ian to see what could I get which would be better for logistics (apartment with elevators). He got me into the crowd killer. I am 100kg, beginner and in Dubai we have small, not powerful waves, I bought the 7.2. The board is amazing at catching waves (I reckon even better than my thin, performance longboard). However compared to the longboard, it is much more sensitive once on your feet. So for beginners moving down from LB, it is really a good board however it will take some time to get used to the extra performance.” – Alexandre Juignet on Boardshop

“We received our Crowd Killer mid winter here in Cape Hatteras and were able to ride it in a variety of conditions from tiny zippers to overhead, frosty tubes. It was a cold winter here, which meant all the rubber, boots, gloves and hood you could find. All that rubber means extra weight and slower reflexes, but the Crowd Killer didn’t care. The longer length paddles super easy and is a wave catching machine.

On the wave, the Crowd Killer fits into the curve of the wave and has good grip, thanks to added rocker in the ends and foiled rails. The Crowd Killer has the ability to ride small waves, both actively pumping for speed, or trimming static on the high line. It has a fairly large open sweet spot which means you can ride it effectively from different spots on the board (either on purpose or by mistake when you stub your wetsuited toe on take off). This really helps with surfers who might not nail every take off or just want to fool around and style out on different parts of the board.

In bigger surf, the added rocker, foiled rails and sleek overall design keep the Crowd Killer in control and ready for hard turns in the pocket. This ended up being a good go to board for almost anything this winter. This is good because most surfers in a market for a board like this don’t carry three shorter boards the stack out their quiver. They want just one.

Overall, we like this board because it was really easy to score a ton of waves in a variety of conditions without worrying what board to take to the beach. While there are a lot of boards in the size range and it may sometimes get confusing, the ..Lost Crowd Killer set it self apart as the 7’ plus-er that liked a shortboard style of turn, but in an easier to surf (and score) package.” – Real Watersports

“For a sesh that lasts longer than 4 hours haha.” – user evandubellier on Instagram

“Love it so far and I probably should have went 6’8 if I were to do it again. Turns sharp for its size and I’ve had it out in foot and a half chop and still caught a bunch of waves.” – user 860go on Instagram

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