JS Industries Blak Box II Review (Round Tail)


What the JS Industries site says about the Blak Box II ROUND TAIL:

‘BLAK BOX 2 round tail has all the same legendary elements that make up the original Squash Tail as well as some added versatility through an alternative tail shape and 5 fin set-up. BB2 squash already exceeded peoples expectations in a wide range of conditions some times pushing people to surf it beyond its intended limits. For this reason we wanted to expand these limits. Round tails offer “all-round” performance in the pocket or tighter part of the wave. Set up as a quad you’ll get projection down steeper, faster waves, around a mushy close out section or extra hold in the tube with more speed and manoeuverability than you ever felt before.’

Image Source: JSIndustries.com

Image Source: ZakSurfboards.com

What people are saying about it:

“I surfed the Blak Box 2 (round tail) in a variety of wave types (junky, clean, running, closing, grunty, flat-faced) and heights (chest high to a few feet overhead), this board feels dynamic and lively under foot and handles most conditions with style and grace.” – Ben on CompareSurfboards.com

“Best performance of BLAK BOX2 will be found in waves that are fat and crumbly but it is also fun in clean almond shaped faces. Best wave height is between 0 and 4 feet.

It’s fast, manoeuvrable and very rippable for a summer board, you’ll like it most in average conditions when most hi performance boards are struggling.” – store.MagicSeaweed.com

“Your favourite small wave, summer series JS Industries surfboard has a new option in the round tail! To add to the rounded square this new tail design brings more hold and down the line speed for those better days when the swell is participating well. You will also feel more hold through you top tops and bottom turns. With the option of thruster or quad fin set up you’ll find this board will perform brilliant in average surf that other high performance boards may struggle in, it really is a bit of an “all rounder” (excuse the pun)…” – Slimes.com.au

“The Blak Box II round tail has a slight entry rocker and a flat exit rocker through the tail. This help the board paddle into waves easily & creates drive and speed from the get go. It has medium to full rails, which helps prevent bogging or catching your edge, making sure you can navigate choppy or soft sections with ease and glide through fatter/flatter parts of the wave.” – ZakSurfboards.com.au

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