JS Industries Air 17 Review

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What the manufacturer’s site says about the Air 17:


Julian Wilsonʼs AIR 17 is a specially designed model that Julian and I have been working on since 2013. Julian is now riding boards that aren’t like anybody else’s – he’s taken design theories and thought processes and run with them. Having such a polished, technical surfer who is incredibly knowledgeable on board design proved invaluable time and time again while designing the AIR 17.

One of the key elements to this new model is a larger sweet spot through the central part of the board. Iʼve also made the AIR 17 thicker under the front foot by redistributing the foam slightly forward, with a deeper single to double concave than the Monsta allowing you to enjoy quick drive and acceleration right from take off. The overall combination of softer rails, a flatter rocker through the middle (which allows it that larger sweet spot), deeper concaves and extra curve in the nose and tail make a PERFORMER SERIES model that will give you a fast and forgiving ride.

AIR 17 was built to work for all types of surfers in all types of conditions – if you want to find as much speed as possible in the waves you surf every day, from weak onshore rubbish to overhead perfection, then this is the board that will take you to the next level.’

Image Source: JS Industries

21.8 - 38.2 LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“I feel like this board, I could pretty much grab it out of the garage without checking the waves and I’ll get away with having a good surf.” – Julian Wilson

“The Air 17 is a progressive model for surfers looking to take their surfing to the next level on, above and under the lip. The Air 17 suits a wide array of conditions from small weak surf to perfect dream swells.” – Boardcave.com.au

“With Julian’s technically polished surfing technique and his incredible knowledge in board design, the Air17 is a well-rounded and thought out model that is designed to work in a wide range of conditions but one that comes alive when the waves get good. If you want to find as much speed as possible, in the waves that you surf every day, look no further.” – store.magicseaweed.com

Size Chart:

JULIAN WILSON (JW) Height: 6’0” (183 cm) // // Weight: 80 kg – 176 lbs
*Rides 6’0 1/2” x 18 ¾” x 2 3/8” = 28.2L

Here are videos we found of the JS Industries Air 17:

And here are Instagram pictures:


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