JS Industries 107 Review


What the JS Industries site says about the 107:

‘Parko, all our staff and myself are calling the 107 the best small wave design to date. 107 was the production code found on the board trialed by JS staff, JS team riders and some select local rippers. In fact, the original 107 disappeared for 18 months and was finally located in Parko’s garage. Parko claimed the 107 is his all-time personal favourite in 1-2 feet conditions. I replicated this model recently and once again 107 proved to be a step above any small wave model in its path.

I’ve made the nose on the 107 slightly wider and used a lot straighter hip through the tail. The deep single concave under the chest offers a larger sweet spot before running into a deeper double concave through the fins and finishes with a light rolled vee out of the tail to reduce catch. This design revolves around gaining speed quickly, maintaining speed through turns and catching waves easily. The reduced hip squash tail helps for tighter turns in the pocket.

107 comes standard with a 5 fin set up so you can ride it as a thruster or a quad. This is the perfect addition to anyone’s quiver!’

Image Source: JSIndustries.com

What people are saying about it:

“This is one of the best small wave boards I’ve ridden in quite some time. It’s a really well balanced board. It’s easy and forgiving to ride, but on those days where I really wanted to push the board hard, I could. I think this board would be really useful for a lot of different ability levels of surfers, so I think a beginner and or a novice could actually get up on this board and find that the width of the outline, if you can see, it’s got quite a wider outline, I think it does feel quite forgiving.” – Ben on CompareSurfboards.com

“The JS 107 has everything you’d want in a small wave board whilst retaining enough performance characteristics to permit radical, new-school surfing. The nose is wide yet conventional while the tail is pulled in just enough to allow tight turns in the pocket. This board is all about catching waves, grabbing speed and firing through turns.” – Down The Line Surf Company

“Looking for your new small wave performance board look no further than the new 107 from JS. Similar in idea to the Channel Islands Average Joe yet with a slightly tigher nose outline with slightly lower rail profile the 107 offers a great UK all wave board yet will perform best on the smaller days throughout the winter or summer.” – Shore.co.uk

“Great summer board that carries lots of volume throughout.” – waxurDyl on SurferMag.com

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