JS HyFi Review (Hybrid Fibre Technology)


What the JS site says about the HyFi:

‘The JS team is a legendary ensemble. From icons of style and World Champion power surfers to the most progressive leaders of the new gen, they’re at the forefront of it all. However, go-for-broke approaches mixed with the constant need to improve places an almighty demand on their equipment.

Imagine the strain put on a surfboard when Julian Wilson attempts to land the biggest air of the year in a heat, or when Owen Wright plays cat and mouse with Cloudbreak’s guillotine lip chasing a perfect 10. Pulling off stunts like this, both in competition and freesurfing, can sometimes end in favourite boards getting broken after only a few weeks. With this in mind, the goal with HYFI was to give us an ultra-high performance board that would go the distance, even at team weight.

Drawing inspiration from the most hi-tech crafts in the boardsports world, we looked at everything from wind-surfers and racing SUPs to wakeboards and snowboards. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow the leaders in each of these fields to create incredibly consistent, well built and long lasting products – three key components in the future of surfboard design.

Seeking to go one better as always, a purpose-built factory gave us the perfect environment to develop our patent pending Hybrid Fiber Diamond. This breakthrough, now known as HYFI, is an exclusive multi-layer construction that feels like nothing else out there. Think of it as a futuristic exoskeleton for a surfboard that allows it to be lighter and stronger than ever before, while still maintaining the perfect flex for maximum performance. And what we’ve discovered is, it’s only made possible with this exact combination of elements:

  1. BUILT with cutting edge materials
  2. FUELED by constant innovation and refinements
  3. PERFECTED through a specific construction technique pioneered by JS

We started with the most flexible base we could imagine, an EPS core with no stringer, and from there began the painstaking process of balancing strength, weight and flex. 100 prototypes with a range of different cores and materials, put together in every conceivable way. Adding carbon to areas requiring strength and rigidity, Olefin fibers to those needing more strength and flex, or a combination of layers when neither would do the job exactly right. Design, develop, surf. Over and over. Endless updates and improvements to every little detail.

And now, it’s all paid off. Welcome to HYFI.’

‘As soon as he jumped on his first HYFI, Dusty was already raving about it, especially after scoring a near-perfect ride at Snapper on one in his very first CT heat of the year: “The projection you get from all the spring that it holds is incomparable. You can’t really match it with any other board! It’s easily up there with the most fun equipment I’ve ever ridden.”

Here’s more from Dusty: “At the start I was flying into the lip a lot quicker than I expected, but once I had that worked out, it was a massive bonus! You can look at places on the wave 2 that you wouldn’t have imagined getting to before. With these boards and the projection they provide off the bottom, I was flying through sections that I didn’t think I could make.”’

‘HYFI has been pushed to its absolute limits, from giant airs in average waves to serious beatings in heavy water. After our extensive series of tests we know it’s 30% stronger than standard PU construction. But somehow, even the most impressive numbers don’t quite explain how a surfboard can survive being treated like it was by our team throughout the entire R&D process.

HYFI has been thrashed by Dean Morrison in giant Indo barrels and taken through an entire season of the best (and worst!) the Pacific can offer by Makua Rothman. For 18 months, the best prototypes were subjected to the airborne wizardry of Dusty Payne and the fluid power of Joel Parkinson. It’s been taken to World Tour stops around the world by Owen Wright and Julian Wilson, and withstood everything that the two of them have thrown down while chasing World Titles. It took our exact combination of materials, layering processes, and exclusive construction techniques to create the incredibly durable exoskeleton we now know as HYFI. And after all of the above, they still looked brand new.

Now they’re ready for you.’

‘We weigh every single board, and the consistency is there for you to be confident that your new HYFI will be the exact same weight as whatever high-performance prototype is being ridden by Joel or Julian at the time.’





What people are saying about it:

“Those carbon inlays can be terrible if your nose hits reef and snaps, the glass can rip back along both edges of the carbon (like a fold in a piece of paper) my mates did it last Indo trip snapped two to three inches of nose and the carbon inlays ripped the glass up for a good two to three foot back up the board, was actually the bottom, nightmare to fix when your traveling, brand new board too.

Hope the JS HYFI tech is legit and durable and not just another epoxy hoax like most are that are only slightly more durable than PU/Poly.” – User IndoDreams at SurferMag forum

“The way it was explained to me, the HYFI boards won’t have carbon strips. JS instead is using a new fiberglass that’s exclusive to them where the white “carbon” netting that’s usually used as tail patches is actually weaved through the S-glass. Pretty cool stuff and supposedly pretty strong. The entire team has been testing them and the only one to break a board was Dusty.” – User WaxurDyl at SurferMag forum

“It’s light, it looks good, it’s responsive. It’s just a good board to ride. It makes for fun surf.” – Joel Parkinson

“I’m a super fan of the Hyfi. They’re super quick, durable, and a lot stronger than your regular PU board. I think HyFi is kind of the future.” – Dusty Payne

Here are videos we found of the JS HyFi:


@joelparko on @jsindustries1 Hybrid Fibre Technology – The #lighter #faster #stronger JS BLAK BOX 2 #hyfi available now at #sanbahsurf

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The @jsindustries1 HYFI – BLAK BOX II is now available at #sanbahsurf. Cutting edge materials // Unparalleled Innovation // never seen before construction. Precision engineered to be faster, stronger and lighter than anything else out there.

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So what’s this HYFI technology all about JS? Faster – Stronger – Lighter || @jsindustries1 #blakbox2 #HYFI is in store now, they look and feel insane! #sanbahsurf

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