JR Zippo Review


What the JR Surfboards website says about the Zippo:

‘The Zippo has been developed specifically for construction in our Tri-Flex Technology and was developed for Taj Burrow and the Surfing Life Tech Board Test, The Zippo is built for high-performance surfing; pure and simple.

Based off Taj Burrow’s ideal, day-to-day shortboard specs, The Zippo is performance-oriented but forgiving enough for all surfers to excel with it under their feet.

The Zippo features a combination of the best, most effective characteristics from two of our favourite high-performance shortboards (The Donny and The Grinder).

The nose-entry is lowered, with a slightly pulled in tail that features an increased rocker. This results in a lively, responsive board that favours critical, rail-to-rail surfing and will allow this kind of surfing in average to excellent conditions. This increased rocker is perfectly balanced by an EPS Tri-Flex construction, providing extra drive and pop.

A solid, single concave all the way through adds to the drive provided by The Zippo and is paired with slightly softer, boxy rails to provide the perfect blend of forgiveness and balance.

The Zippo is built for critical surfing in all types of conditions, and developed with the needs of one of the world’s best surfers in mind – a lively, drivey, smooth performance shortboard with pop!

Built for Taj, built for you!’

Image Source: JR Surfboards

Image Source: Boardcave

20.8 - 35.4 LVolume
1 - 6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Zippo is built for high-performance surfing, pure and simple. It performs best when surfed with a critical high performance approach for most conditions between 2-6ft. It’s a a lively, drivey, smooth performance shortboard!” – Boardcave

“As soon as I set foot on it, it did everything I wanted it to, but it particularly felt best when I would take off and do my first setup snap. It just felt so nice in the pocket when doing a nice little snappy turn, right off the bat.” – Taj Burrow on Surfing Life

Size Chart:

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