JR Upper Punt Review


What the JR Surfboards website says about the Upper Punt:

‘Combining the modern day love of wider nose areas with the attributes of the King Pin’s classic big wave features… The Upper Punt is a culmination of the King Pin and Punt Rocka. This model has a slightly wider nose area than the king pin, and a flatter smoother entry rocker with average to full tail rocker, this fusion board is your modern day step-up semi gun. The combination of the Upper Punt’s modern features gives enables plenty of hold and drive off the pulled in rounded tail.’

Image Source: JR Surfboards

23.8 - 37.2 LVolume
4 - 8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The JR Upper Punt, is a step up with a modern day difference of some more volume & width in the nose area for getting into those solid waves early. This board is a mixture of other JR Models the King Pin & the Punt Rocka. Flatter entry rocker than the King Pin & with the full tail rocker of the Punt Rocker, this board is the perfect fusion board, which makes it a step up semi gun. The pulled in tail gives you plenty of control in the throaty stuff. Semi guns are popular models these days with shapes & trends changing in recent times & the wider outline with a pulled in tail has proven a worthy, popular formula.” – Tradewind Surf

“Ideal for big waves, with the features of your classic big wave surfboard, combined with a modern shape gives it plenty of hold and drive off the pulled in rounded tail.” – Boardcave

“Cheers boys the board feels mental! @jrsurfboards” – user dionatkinson on Instagram

Size Chart:

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And here are pictures of the JR Upper Punt that we found on Instagram:

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