JR Punt Rocka 2 Review


What the JR Surfboards website says about the Punt Rocka 2:

‘Before the release of the original Punt Rocka, Roddy worked intensively with surfers like Josh Kerr and Shaun Cansdell to refine every element. Designed to be a true all-rounder to take on tour or surf trips and work perfectly in most conditions.

This time around though, Roddy has been working heavily with Dion Atkinson on the Punt Rocka 2 – a board he now uses almost exclusively when traveling West and in South Oz. Donny finds the Punt Rocka 2 so versatile it can surf anything from 2 ft beachies to 8ft slabs. The small adjustments made since the original Punt Rocka have been made to suit Donny a little better, taking into account Dion’s rail game by slightly tweaking the rail line rocker for smoother rail to rail transition. The single to double concave is also slightly deeper offering more speed and drive through turns or just to help with that quick swoop off the bottom to get you into the pit quicker.

The shorter rail length helps the nose from catching when falling into the trough on slabby waves while the round tail offers that hold you need in critical situations or on pointbreaks. Not only does the Punt Rocka 2 perform in heavier waves, its performance in small waves is equally proven with its width producing the paddle speed you need to scratch into small ones and the deeper concave setup to hold speed through flatter sections.

A high-performance all-rounder, get one under your feet.’

Image Source: JR Surfboards

Image Source: JR Surfboards

22.1 - 37 LVolume
2 - 8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“JR classic, high-performance all-rounder has been given a makeover.

Smoother rail-to-rail transitions, more drive through turns, increased hold in critical sections… A true all-rounder to take on tour, on surf trips or for a bash out the front.

Those of you who’ve ridden a Punt Rocka, it’s time for an upgrade!

For those of you who haven’t… It’s time to experience why this model is one of JR top-sellers and team-favourites.” – Xhape Land on YouTube

“As the name would suggest the Punt Rocka 2 is based off the original Punt Rocka which was designed as the perfect all rounder. The Punt Rocka 2 has a slightly more tweaked rail line rocker for better rail to rail transitions and the concave is a little deeper for added speed and drive.

Nice hollow waves like Indo or at home in clean beach or point breaks. Dion Atkinson loves to ride this model in anything from 3-8 foot.” – Boardcave

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the JR Punt Rocka 2:

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Do you own a JR Punt Rocka 2? How does it perform in the water?

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