JR Grinder Max Review


What the JR site says about the Grinder Max:

‘This is Wade Carmichael’s spin on the Grinder, designed for the larger guy or power surfer.
We have taken everything from the Grinder and given the Max a wider outline and tail, as well as slightly reducing tail rocker through from centre to tail. This modification of the Grinder will suit most surfers looking for a forgiving, higher volume, high performance shortboard.’

Image Source: JR Surfboards

23.4 - 36.1 LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The JR Grinder Max has all the features of the JR Grinder with a slightly wider outline through to the tail. This makes the board a little more versatile and forgiving, making it easier to paddle and catch waves in weak or smaller surf. Refined high performance surfing the Grinder Max is a great option for power surfers or larger surfers.” – Boardcave.com.au

“Round tail looks epic.” – User jlester78 on Instagram.

“Saucy.” – User littlefritter on Instagram

Size Chart:

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