Jim Banks Indo Rocket Review

What the Jim Banks Surfboards site says about the Indo Rocket:

‘Developed from decades of surfing Indo’s long fast and hollow waves, the Indo Rocket is a high-performance rocket ship for when the waves get going. A single into double concave with the tiniest touch of vee out the tail produces smooth, powerful and tight carves. The latest improvements to the Indo Rockets is a more flipped nose lift which allows the board to get in tighter under the lip.

The Rocket is a very easy board to surf and many of my customers are surprised just how fast these boards go. And even though it’s designed for faster and more powerful waves, its quick-planing and ease of turning actually make it pretty versatile board for all sorts of waves.

All Indo Rockets come standard with 5 boxes so they can be surfed as a quad or thruster, but I prefer to ride all mine as quads these days. ‘

Image Source: Jim Banks Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“I finally rode the 6’6″ you made me and I fell in love again… riding it was bliss.” – Chad on Jim Banks Surfboards

“I was out yesterday at solid low tide Rotto and my 6’4 Indo Rocket went so great Id thought I’d let you know. Nothing has had a bigger impact on my surfing than your magical boards! The select band of Banks aficionados all recognise each other too and we have quiet chats out the back beyond the crowd.” – Dave on Jim Banks Surfboards

“It wasn’t a hard decision to go ahead and buy another Jim Banks Surfboard. Jim’s boards have always delivered on quality and performance, almost an expectation. When I took delivery of my new Indo Rocket I could tell there was a chance I’d be pretty happy …. in actual fact I was wrong. When I got the board in the water ” I was blown away.” The latest design refinements have turned this board into a ridiculously good board. At the end of the first wave I had a “OMG moment” you only get with something special.

The board is insanely fast and yet totally in control. All the design elements have been finely tuned to work together. There is no lapse of speed or flow when transitioning from one manoeuvre to another. Bottom turns, cut backs or re entries …. whatever lol. Wether going rail to rail, projecting in and out of turns or setting the board on trim could only be described as a “teflon smooth” effortless experience.

Jim’s pain staking development of the IR rocker is spooky and blending it with the bottom contours and his rails are guaranteed to build anyone’s confidence and surfing ability. …. (after you get over the knee shakes of the first few waves) I’ve ridden the board in very good waves and very average waves here in Indonesia. Even in very average waves the board still managed to impress. On top of everything the board is deceptively versatile.

The Indo Rocket is a special board and should be a staple of everyone’s quiver.” – Walter T on Facebook

“Amazing board!!!!” – user SarahSurfer on Magicseaweed

“Spent some time in the shaping bay with Jim @jimbanksurfboards putting together a couple of Indo Rockets. One for him, one for me. It’s hardly surprising the IR has a deep-rooted pedigree in the waves of Indo. The fine tuning that goes into creating it is special. Rails, edges, rockers and contours all profiled with deliberate measured passes. Only when they pass the feel and sight test are they sent for glassing. That test has only been 35 years in the making.” – user tributeguitarworks on Instagram

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