Jim Banks Hit The Road Review

What the Jim Banks Surfboards site says about Hit The Road:

‘The Hit the Road’s designs originated from surfing the powerful, fast and hollow waves of Indo and the West Oz desert back in the 80’s. I always used to say that the Hit the Roads are for getting you into trouble… and back out again!

The designs have consistently evolved since then and being based in Bali for the last 7 years has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to really push the design limits of these boards in larger, hollower waves.

The latest versions feature a single into double concave with just the slightest touch of vee out of the tail. I have found that this combination produces a quite surprising acceleration out of the turns and yet still feeling smooth and effortless through the turns.

So if you’re needing some extra paddle power to get you over the front and plenty of acceleration to cover larger open faces, a Hit the Road will do it for you.’

Image Source: Jim Banks Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Surfs AMAZING! I’d have to say one those “magic” boards for me – stoked – couldn’t sleep I was that pumped!” – Geoff on Jim Banks Surf

“Don’t usually surf a semi gun at this place but could not resist the call of a new board. The board you shaped me went extremely well in everything from point break to 5ft beach breaks. The bigger the wave, the better it went. Having said that it turns surprisingly easy was positive and confidence inspiring especially on the steeper punchier waves. …if I can be bother to surf them after riding my new Jim banks 7’6.” – Peter on Jim Banks Surf

“A 7ft 6in “Hit the Road” model by Jim Banks from Australia. As the name suggests, designed to be the one board you can take anywhere but suits fast hollow waves. Also quite difficult to get hold of here.” – user stephh on Magicseaweed

“That’s a good-looking board mind..anyone going to Indo needs a decent board that’s the baby you want..” – user mal-nourished on Magicseaweed

“Dreamy.” – user journal_of_slide on Instagram

“Lethal Weapon !!! Certainly looks it.” – user tributeguitarworks on Instagram

“Soooooo killer.” – user hanger18 on Instagram

“Can’t wait to get back over and ride it Jim. So stoked.” – user stevepeterson66 on Instagram

“Sweet looking board!” – user paul_macandrew on Instagram

“Whoah Jimbo! Not as big as that old black and white but SO perfect. You seem pretty happy mate. Good onya.” ???????? – user mikeperry46 on Instagram

Size chart:

Here is a video we found of Jim Banks’s Hit The Road:

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