Infinity Silverback Review

What the Infinity Surfboards site says about the Silverback:

‘This is our medium – big guy performance short board.

Intended for the larger surfer who surfs good. Same characteristics as the Automatic with some tweaks to help the bigger guy.

We move the outline and thickness a bit forward under the chest to aid in wave catching and front foot style driving down the line.’

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Image Source:

What people are saying about it:

Dominate your lineup on this high performance big man board. The Silverback, by Infinity Surfboards is a scaled up version of The Automatic with slight changes made to meet the buoyancy needs of bigger surfers. By adding surface area and volume to key areas along the design, we have been able to create a high performance big board that big guys can paddle well.” – Surf Science

I have a 6’6″ custom silverback that eats waves alive. I use it as my step-up when it gets big. Can’t really describe the feel other than that it feels right. Really comes alive in OH+.” – user Tom on Surf Science

Size Chart:

– 6’2″
– 6’3″
– 6’4″
– 6’5″
– 6’6″
– 6’7″
– 6’8″
– 6’9″
– 6’10”

Here are videos we found of the Infinity Silverback:

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