Infinity Big Tex Review


What the Infinity Surfboards site says about the Big Tex:

‘Our “easy rider.”

This is a big guy board that catches waves with ease and floats killer. We basically took a fun board and hid it inside a short board shape (pointy nose and pulled in tail) This is good for the mature surfer who has never surfed long boards or a big guy who is a beginner to intermediate surfer that surfs beach breaks. We’ve been making quite a few of these with a quad set up and VEE bottom for added performance.

Custom ordering this board in Hydroflex technology, Big Tex gets lighter and even more buoyant.’

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What people are saying about it:

Big Tex is designed to fill the gap between The Secret Weapon and The Silverback. It’s a favorite for beginners who are learning at beachbreaks. More width in the outline compared to The Silverback adds to its stability and buoyancy for wave catching. The Rocker is the same as that of the silverback, which also makes this board a good choice for bigger or “mature” surfers who still want to live the dream riding a shortboard before the inevitable happens of riding a log at Sano!” – Surf Science

I’m over the 225lb mark and have been riding a couple big guy boards made by infinity surfboards, the big tex model and the silverback, fun fun boards!” – user surfbrah on Daily Stoke

Size Chart:

– 7′
– 7’1″
– 7’2″
– 7’3″
– 7’4″
– 7’5″
– 7’6″
– 7’7″
– 7’8″
– 7’9″
– 7’10”

Here is a video we found of the Infinity Big Tex:

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