Hobie Retro Egg Review


What the Hobie Surfboards site says about the Retro Egg:

‘The Retro Egg has a bit of that transitional look to it with its 60/40 rails, harder edge in the tail and a double ender outline. This board will surprise you with its glide and maneuverability.’

Image Source: Hobie Surfboards

Image Source: Hobie Surfboards

Image Source: Island Surf Company

Image Source: PicClick

What people are saying about it:

“All 100% watertight. Awesome board. Very rare.” – user fatdaddymatt on eBay

“Shaped by one of the worlds finest.. Lovely rounded pintail retro egg. Loads of float and especially great for summer… , be here before you know it! Longboarders shortboard or shortboarders longboard. This board has a place in any quiver.” – user Welsh Kook on Magicseaweed

“Hobie’s Retro Egg looks pretty sweet………” – user Tanner on Surfer.com

“I actually had a 7’0 Hobie Retro Egg single fin which I traded in when I bought the 10 footer. I found that between 7’6 fun board and the Mal that I didn’t ride the Egg enough, basically whenever the conditions suited the egg I’d ride the Mal, and when it was bigger I’d be more comfortable on the fun board.” – user Morgan The Moon on Realsurf.com

“I just ordered a 7’6″ Retro Egg. I am so stoked to see how it turn out. I hope it looks as good as those minis.” – user anonymous on Surfy Surfy

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Hobie Surfboards Retro Egg:

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Do you own a Hobie Surfboards Retro Egg? What are your thoughts about it?

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