Haydenshapes Untitled Review


What the Haydenshapes site says about the Untitled:

‘Sometimes artists create something so unclassifiably unique…that they don’t even know exactly what to call it. The label merely reads “Untitled,” a grand understatement to the work’s innovation. That, or the artist just doesn’t want to pigeon-hole something that defies specific genre…

“Untitled” is a lively board that defines speed, versatility and fun. Having a slightly fuller plan shape, this winged swallow tail shortboard has a deep single concave to vee that gets you up to top-speed in the mushiest of conditions. Leaning on that higher tail rocker throughout your turns, on Untitled, you turn with confidence in a very reactive and tight arc.

Untitled also has a flatter deck profile along the center ⅓ of the board, which helps carry more volume, giving the design an amazing ability to catch waves, along with added stability when up and riding.

The concaves on Untitled are much deeper than any other board in our range, too. This is designed to increase lift in weaker conditions as well as allowing the board to track and plane on the center part of the rail line. In turn, the winged swallow tail breaks this deep concave, releasing the water, bringing a defined pivotal turning point in the shape.

The entry rocker is nice and flat to allow the board to generate speed in average conditions, along with enhancing paddle power. The center of the rocker has a medium amount of curve to help transition into the higher tail-concave. All of this just translates to you catching more waves more easily, and finding newfound speed in surf you didn’t think you’d find it in.

Indeed, Untitled is a design that will become your go-to performance board in everyday conditions. With ample paddle power, abundant acceleration, top-end speed and plenty of sensitivity in the back third of the board, you’ll probably be wondering where this design had been hiding all along.

Call it your quickest board in mush-surf or your favorite stick in any condition—call it what you will—Untitled is what we’ve been calling our design for guaranteed fun.’

Image Source: Haydenshapes

Image Source: Haydenshapes

What people are saying about it:

“The Haydenshapes Untitled Surfboard is your go to performance board for everyday conditions. With plenty of paddle power, speed and sensitivity for control, this board has you covered in most conditions.” – BoardCave

“Hayden chooses his team carefully, and utilises them the best way possible in product R&D. Which is what makes the newest HS model, called Untitled, a shape worthy of attention… This is a craft that’s all about speed, versatility and fun.” – Stabmag

“I like it… Looks a little like a Stamps Shadow I had and loved. Untitled looks a bit more tuned for Oz juice though. Full nose outline, volume forward, width carried through center, winged swallow to bring some control and pivot… Low entry to smooth, ample tail rocker. Sounds good to me. If I was going to get a hayden it would definitely be in the running.” – User Aruka on Surfer Forum

“Love it” – User caressadq on Instagram

“The Hayden Untitled model. LOTS OF DRIVE, yep its fun to ride. Plenty of volume under the chest” – User hwnsouthshore on Instagram

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