Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto Review

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What the Haydenshapes site says about the Hypto Krypto:

‘Currently one of the most in demand and best selling surfboards globally, The Hypto Krypto is a balance of tradition and modern performance. Suited to the elite level surfer to the everyday surfer, it is often referred to as the ‘one board quiver’ for its versatility across all types of surf conditions – from small 1-3 ft beach breaks, to barrels of up to 8ft.

It has a high amount of volume under the chest, which enables it to paddle like a dream. It’s designed for surfing on the open face, to draw fast flowing lines.

The outline resembles an old school twin fin in the nose, yet it draws back to a tight rounded pintail. The wider straighter outline up front creates plenty of speed, yet the round pintail allows tight turns in the pocket.

The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave.

The rocker is flat throughout, although holds a little extra lift in the entry, which helps when taking off late or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker is focused around speed, to enable surfers to make sections that they don’t normally expect to make.

The concave runs from a rolled vee in the entry to a slight single, blending into a vee double out the tail which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.’

Image Source: Haydenshapes

What people are saying about it:

“There’s no other board I’d have under my feet. You have a bunch of paddle speed, you fly down the line and then you do turns. You get a ton of waves. It rides fast and it’s exciting. It’s versatile and suits my surfing.” – Craig Anderson

“To me, this board is best in shoulder high to overhead waves that are less hollow and less critical. In those types of waves it is fantastic, fun and really fast. So fast, in fact, that the first couple of times I took off on a wave with the Hypto the board actually bolted off without me and I got to watch the wave and the board go off into the distance, as I fell backwards. Once I got the hang of the slightly more buoyant E.P.S. construction, however, I really enjoy surfing this board.” – Ben, CompareSurfboards.com

“I was very skeptical about spending the money on this board. However, after one use I am very impressed. At 5’9 and 178lbs I decided to buy the 5’8 Hypto. My first surf was solid 4-5 foot Hawaiian, semi-clean with some chop, at a secret north facing spot here in Hawaii. My first wave was a left (frontside) and it felt awesome with buttery turns and section making speed. It took me a few waves to really understand the board and its characteristic late take off feel.” – Sharky on ProductReview.com.au

“In the short time I rode this board, it felt amaze balls. I did a frontside air on my ninth wave and if you don’t believe me, ask your mom, she videoed it.” – Chris Cote, GrindTV.com

“I didn’t ride it for long, but I caught a few small sucky lefts on the shorey. And just from that, I thought it felt like a good board that generates plenty of speed. The pin-tail allows you to really lay into turns without worrying about sliding out. For a board that’s 5’4” it had really good flotation and I could catch plenty of waves, and that’s probably the board I’d pick of this model for my weight, the 5’4”. I think any clean two-to-four foot beachie or point, reasonably steep transition in the wave face it would go well in.” – Ben Macartney, CoastalWatch.com

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The Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto was the best-selling surfboard in 2014. Did you get one? Tell us about it!

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