Haydenshapes Darkside Review

What the Haydenshapes site says about the Darkside:

‘A performance short board model designed to surf good waves with maximum response. This model was created on the spot (with a lot of thought) for the 2016 Stab In The Dark and due to the feedback from independent reviews and our team, we finally gave it a spot in the model line up. It is a board that will like a curvey high performance wave that will allow you to surf around the pocket. It will draw longer lines off the front foot rail line, but then will aggressively react and turn tight off the back foot. Designed for the surfer who knows their way around a wave and can handle the responsiveness of a performance shortboard.’

Image source: surfinglife.com.au

Image source: haydenshapes.com

24.14 - 31.75 LVolume
1 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“It had the right about of drive where I could do snappy turns but then also draw my turns out if I wanted to. It had good drive getting around sections, it really had good speed and conviction; if you wanted to go somewhere on the wave it would get there. Great construction, good materials and one of my favourites from the bunch.” – Taj Burrow

“The Darkside model is a great high performance board and I liked it very much in both constructions. This board is one of my favorites for 2017 for sure and the Future Flex Technology is very special indeed.” – Noel Salas on Surf ‘n Show

“The Darkside is Haydenshapes entry to Stab in the Dark 2016 where Dane Reynolds rated this model in the top 4 out of 13 boards, all from different shapers. Taj Burrow also had plenty of good things to say about this model while testing it for the annual 2016 Surfing Life board test.

The Darkside is great for intermediate – advanced surfers looking for something lively under their feet for explosive, progressive surfing.” – Boardcave

Size Chart:

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