Gordon and Smith The Stinger Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about The Stinger:

‘With its cutaway rail and narrowed tail area, the Stinger has wide board advantages for trim and glide and looseness in slower waves along with the narrow tail advantages for down-the-line projection, speed and traction in bigger, faster waves. Made famous in the late 70’s, the Stinger is not for everyone.’

Image Source: Gordon and Smith

Image Source: Steve A Morris on Facebook

What people are saying about it:

“One of my favorite boards in medium to large surf.” – anonymous user on SurfScience

“I bought a “Stinger” from Gordon and Smith shop. It came after 3 months, and there aren’t no regrets! It works very well.” – ‎Franck Anselmetti on Facebook

Sizes Available:

6’0 – 7’6

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