Gordon and Smith Water Skate Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about the Water Skate:

‘The Water Skate was one of the early short boards made specifically for small mush waves. This unique design has a concave deck for a lower center of gravity and distributes the volume to a full ” boxy” down rail, creating a very stable board that literally “skates” on top of the water offering a completely different surfing experience. We’ve made some changes to bring it into the modern design world but the heart and soul are still there.

Features: Concave deck with slight single concave in the bottom to mellow “v” in the tail. Can be ridden as a single fin, 2+1, tri fin or quad….you choose!’

Image Source: Gordon and Smith

Image Source: US Vintage Surf Action

Image Source: 1stdibs Pinterest

Image Source: Fin Porn on Facebook

Image Source: Surfboard Shack

Image Source: Chauncey Rhodes on Facebook

What people are saying about it:

“I have good memories of my 5’11” G & S waterskate that I had in 1970…it was like a rocket and lived up to it’s name ‘waterskate.'” – Herb Patus on The Surfboard Project

“From the mind of legend Tom Morey, came the Waterskate, a radical departure from contemporary designs. This new design featured a wide plan shape, hard down rails and a low center of gravity – concave deck This uncommon board was well ahead of its time during the early 70’s experimental era.” – US Vintage Surfboard Auction

“This is not an appropriate board for learning to surf.  The waterskate is a short board that will be harder to catch waves on, and has no leash plug, so when you fall your board will be loose and could hurt someone… The waterskate is definitely a collectible board, though condition is everything in the collector market.”  – user n0t_5hure on Reddit

“Gordon and Smith made a board called the Waterskate that had a dished deck. I tried one for a few days and found that you had to swivel the turns rather than driving or banking them. A lot like tick-tacking a skateboard. A lot of the performance characteristic came from the lowered deck with respect to the rails.” – user Lee V. on Surfer Forum

“Classic.” – Jack Crosby on Facebook

“I want that board!” – Alejandro Morales Riveron on Facebook

Size Range:

5’2 – 6’6″

Sample Dimensions:

Length: 5’2″ Width: 19.5″ Thickness: 2.125″ at center – 2.75″ at rail

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Gordon and Smith Surfboards Water Skate:





Have you ridden Gordon and Smith Surfboards’ Water Skate? What’s your experience like?

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