Gordon and Smith The HotCurl Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about the HotCurl:

‘Available with our proprietary “Hot Curl wedge stringers at the nose and tail with colored foam from US Blanks in Red, Blue, Green,Yellow, Natural, or Orange.

The Gordon & Smith Hot Curl is a modern version of a board that was the first generation of maneuverable shapes designed specifically to ride in the more critical part of the wave. A Model from the Shortboard Revolution. Longboards became Short almost overnight and this model made it easier to surf in the “Curl”. Its been our model since 1967-1968 when the push was being made to go shorter- G&S let the way. Still performs and is responsive in all types of surf. Both Versatile and Classic.

The Hot Curl can be made smaller and larger with either a round Pin or Round Square Tail..’

Image Source: GordonandSmith.com

Image Source: Island Surf Company

What people are saying about it:

“This is now my go to longboard.At 8’8″ it has all the paddle power and speed of a 9 ft plus board in a more compact and manuverable package.All this combined with it’s classic beauty makes it a winner!” – John on SurfScience.com

“U.S. Open winner Brendan White says these are the best riders ever, and convinced me to get one for Sano. He was right, this is a magic board.” – Leo Nordine on realcolordesign.com

“Cool board. Nice find. I’d surf it.” – gdaddy on SwayLock’s forum

“This thing is pretty damn awesome. There’s not a hard edge on the entire board. It’s 100% hand shaped and features the beautiful split stringers with the brilliant red foam.” – islandsurfco.ca

Available Sizes:

Size Range: 8’0 – 9’6

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9′ Width: 23.5″ Thickness: 2.875″ Nose: 18″ Tail 15.5″

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