Gordon and Smith The Classic Speed Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards website says about The Classic Speed:

‘One of the oldest models in the line up since the early 1960’s, the Speed model is built for its namesake. With a pointed nose and a narrower tail block than our other models, The Classic Speed can hold in larger overhead surf yet can still feel agile in the small stuff. This is the perfect board for those who love gliding down the line at full throttle with total control.

Features: Medium hard 50/50 rails to hard near the tail, with even flowing rocker through out. Slight bellied bottom to healthy “V” out the tail. Offered as single fin or 2+1 set up with many custom stringer, color and glassing options available.’

Image Source: GordonandSmith.com

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Available Sizes:

Size range: 9’0″ – 10’6″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9’4″ Width: 23″ Nose: 17″ Tail: 14.75″ Thickness: 3″

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