Gordon and Smith Egg Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about it:

‘Think Wayne Lynch in EVOLUTION cruising into huge cutbacks with all the elegance of a long-board.

This board has been designed on 2 simple ideas that shorter board allows you to fit easier into the curl of the wave face when turning.

While the thickness and width of a long-board gives you that effortless flow and grace between turns. The constant curve of the double ended shape lets you change direction with speed to burn and avoid the dreaded short-board hop.

Nigel Perrow

A classic double ender outline like something straight out of 1969.

Where the nose looks like the tail and the tail looks like the nose.

Extra width in the tail lets you choose between cruising down the line and cranking some old school turns. While general all round curve gives that forgiveness and allows you to recover from the most impossible situations.

Width through the middle also gives that extra floatation for paddling

Slight nose lift lets you into the steepest of waves general even curve throughout lets you trim like a long-board allowing you to approach turns with speed and control.

A fuller volume rail through the middle and a softer more tucked under edge in the tail combines to give that forgiveness out of turns but also gives the flow needed for quick directional changes because it does not bite into the wave face too hard and allows you to really cut into the wave face when turning.

For that old school feel try a flexy little 7-8’ fin with plenty of rake.

Beach break or bigger waves try a 7’’ cutaway with two small side fins.’

Image Source: GordonAndSmith.com

Image Source: SurfScience.com

What people are saying about it:

“7”2″ 3 fins egg i.e. easy to get back to surfing again after away from ocean for 35 years. Local beach break is too fast and hollow for the egg often and want to get something quick and fast, but easy to paddle and take off.” – Michael Masuyama on surfscience.com

“I am surfing a fairly bitchy, steep beach break and after a year of surfing have just managed a transition from a 9′ longboard to an 8’6 single-fin egg (which I’m loving).” – User Ron G. on Surfing Waves forum

Sizes Available:

6’0″ – 7’10″ or to custom requirements.

6’10″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

Here is a video we found of the Gordon and Smith Egg:

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