Gordon and Smith Classic Noserider 3Stringer Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about the Classic Noserider 3Stringer:

‘A timeless and proven design that is one of our most popular longboard models. The Classic Noserider allows smooth, free-flowing maneuvers and endless nose rides. Great for the stylist who wants Old School roots enhanced by over 50 years of refinements in rocker flow, bottom contour, and rail design. Recommended for small to medium size surf, the Classic Noserider is a great model for the first time surfer to the seasoned surf veteran.

Features: User Friendly, soft 50/50 rails, Concave in nose to a flat bottom to mellow vee off the tail. Offered as single fin set up with many custom stringer, color and glassing options available.’

Image Source: GordonandSmith.com

Image Source: surfscience.com

What people are saying about it:

“Sweety.” – Rob on surfscience.com

“This is an excellent nose riding board. It has some tail rocker so the board doesn’t come out of the wave while nose riding. The square tail catches and holds waves well. Has nice knifed rails for holding turns. Great timeless design.” – Retsurf on surfscience.com

Sizes Available:

Size range: 9’0″ – 10’6″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9’6″ Width: 23″ Nose: 18.75″ Tail: 15.5″ Thickness: 3.125″

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