Gordon and Smith Retro Redfin

What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about the Retro Redfin:

‘One of our most progressive designs from the mid 60’s. Made famous and originally designed by former G&S teamrider/shaper, Mike Hynson of Endless Summer fame. The Retro Redfin is made for speed, powerful drawn out turns and is a time tested classic that has been ridden by some of the best surfers of that era. Medium Hard 50/50 rails fades into a 60/40 rail in the tail. Slight belly throughout the bottom for that fun vintage feel.’

Image Source: Gordon and Smith

Image Source: Island Surf Company

Image Source: Mike Hynson Surfboards

Image Source: Mike Hynson Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“I have a 10’0″ Retro RedFin. It really lights up with a little extra swell size. Smooth turns, nice glide, great paddling. I have had many waves that looked unmakeable, but I zoomed right through the section on this board — it really kicks into 5th gear when you step up to trim.” – user Chilly Willy on SurfScience

“Have owned a Retro RedFin since 1996. Continue to enjoy it and find it to be very responsive in medium to steep walls. Wouldn’t part with mine.” – user Jay Bagwell on SurfScience

“9’8″ custom made…I’m the 3rd owner. It’s a pintail…just took it out for first ride…it’s a keeper. Solid.” – user Kawik on SurfScience

“Looks insane.” – Ken Lewis on Facebook

“I want this !!” – Johnny Phillips on Facebook

“This is a re-make of the classic gordon and smith redfin board from 1965. It is identical to the old model in every way and made by the G&S factory. The board has a triple stringer and a full, heavy Volam glassing.” – user Dave on Pandahi

“Loveeeee this board!” – lydia_grace_photography on Instagram

“Been stoked on how the Hynson works unbelievably fast #gordonandsmithsurfboards #redfin” – user searat_skateboards on Instagram

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Here is a video we found of the Gordon and Smith Retro Redfin:

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