Gordon and Smith Perfecto Review


What the Gordon and Smith Surfboards site says about the Perfecto:

‘The Perfecto is Floyd Smith’s version of the “perfect longboard”. This board was designed with a wide point closer to center that makes it easier to maneuver while in the “trim position” on a wave. This design allows for some old school slippin’ and slidin’. Great for small to medium surf for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

Features: The rail from the nose starts as an upturned rail, which turns into a soft 60/40 rail in the middle, then into a hard edge in the tail. The dished out concave stops at around 21″ from the nose. The midpoint area is flat, which then turns into vee towards the tail. It has a flatter rocker in the middle, but has extra rocker in the nose. Wide tail and parallel rails helps stability and speed while in trim, while the sudden curve back in the tail allows for some fun classic style turns. It comes with 8oz volan glass on bottom, and a double 6oz glass with a 2/3rd’s 4oz deck patch on top, a “Perfecto” color design, and a single fin box.

Everything is optional on custom orders.’

Image Source: GordonandSmith.com

Image Source: islandsurfco.ca

What people are saying about it:

“We all strive for perfection in one form or another. Always chasing the carrot in front of our noses or fantasizing about a perfect point break. Dreaming of the day when we will have it and be complete. Well, that’s okay and all, there’s nothing wrong with it, really. But, what surfing has taught me is that perfection lies in the present moment, we always have it and always will be perfect. Every wave is perfection in its own right. Every nose ride is a glimpse into the absolute present moment of perfection, no matter how short lived. Time slows and the illusions of perfection are stripped away and we allow ourselves to truly experience.So, I know it’s a big claim when G&S say they have built the perfect longboard, but by the looks of the Perfecto model, I’m a believer! The rails on The Perfecto transition seamlessly three times. Starting with an upturned rail in the nose, blending to a 60/40 through the midsection, and finally into a downturned hard rail through the tail. This rail system combined with a modest concave in the nose and slight vee out the back is a perfect combo.

Okay, so, what does all that mean? Well, in not so techy terms this will allow for awesome nose riding, trim maneuvers, effortless speed generation, and classic old school longboard turning.

The Perfecto is meant for the serious longboarder who wants to expand their repertoire of maneuvers. It’s a board that won’t shy away from much. And I would ride it in waves from ankle to slightly overhead. The Perfecto will be the star of any quiver, and when and if you’re not riding it, I guarantee you’ll be wishing you were!” – islandsurfco.ca

“It’s fast and responsive.” – user cocoabeachnut on 2nd Light Forums

Sizes Available:

Size range: 9’0″ – 10’6″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9’6″ Width: 23.25″ Nose: 18.5″ Tail: 16.75″ Thickness: 3.125″

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