GoPro Hero7 Black Review

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What the GoPro site says about the Hero7 Black:

‘Insanely smooth video.
Gimbal-like stabilization–without the gimbal.

Dunk it. Drop it.
Crash it.
Tough as nails and waterproof
down to 33ft (10m).

Hands busy?
Just speak.
Say one of 16 commands, including “GoPro, take a photo” or “That was sick” to tag an epic video.

Photo. SuperPhoto.
Makes shots look amazing automatically with HDR, local tone mapping and noise reduction—in any light.

Send it. Live.
Stream to Facebook Live and more to share must-see moments as they happen.

Nail every shot.

Time lapse on the move.
Capture super smooth, stabilized time lapse video—even as you move through a scene.’

GoPro Hero7 Black | Image Source: BlinkSurf

GoPro Hero7 Black Edition | Image Source: BlinkSurf

GoPro Hero7 Black With Mouth Mount | Image Source: BlinkSurf

GoPro Hero7 Black Waterproof shot | Image Source: GoPro

GoPro Hero7 Black’s SuperPhoto shot | Image Source: GoPro

What our BlinkSurf team rider says about the GoPro Hero7 Black:

‘Hero 5 Session versus Hero 7 Black

When I got my hero 5 session I liked the size and simplicity of it. Light, easy to use and perfect for a mouth mounted point of view angle for surfing.

What I didn’t like: it never worked properly for more than one or two sessions. It would run flat fast, refuse to charge or connect. It had the latest firmware but was unlreliable. As a result it would work for three or four short videos then die. After a few attempts to charge it ended up back in the bag.

The few times it did work the picture quality was excellent.

Out of frustration I bought a hero 7 black and it worked.

It’s a bit heavier, comes with a screen and new stabilizer technology.

I put it on the mouth mount and tested it. The picture quality is next level smooth and it has a lot more options.

After a few strange things happening whilst surfing I found the screen lock feature and that let is stay focused on video mode.

So far it charges and the battery lasts a good session.

I expect the GoPro hero 7 Black is going do the job from now on!’

What people are saying about it:

“It’s only a relatively small step forward from its predecessor, but the Hero 7 Black’s excellent video quality, stabilisation, usability and range of mounts make it the best all-round action cam you can buy.” –

“The Hero 7 might not come with a host of new shooting modes or imaging improvements, but it does come with a few key tweaks that make it exciting to new and old users alike. The upgrade in stability alone will save hours of potential memories from the trash can. SuperPhoto makes the GoPro a more robust choice for stills, and the addition of live streaming is a plus for everyone. We’d always love to see significant bumps in the battery life, but given the Hero 7 launches at the same price as the Hero 6, it basically means the best GoPro just got better without impacting your pocket. Upgraders might want to consider if there’s enough new here for you, but for everyone else, the Hero 7 improves on an already winning formula.” –

“I’ll likely shift over to the Hero 7 Black as my ‘daily driver’. I’ve found the better integration with iOS to be rather nice. A very high ‘just works’ factor. And as one who uses the mics on the GoPro quite a bit for ad-hoc videos – the fact that I can actually trust it now is big for me. Oh, and I like 4K – so being able to stabilize at higher frame rates is useful to me too. But to each their own.” – DC Rainmaker

“This notion of sharing and speed and efficiency is really one of the key things GoPro is pushing with the new camera. Overall, the new GoPro is about refinement and it drastically streamlines the process of capturing and sharing. Married to the new stabilised footage and creative new modes and features makes it the most compelling the product the firm has launched. The biggest update is how easy it is to use. It feels like GoPro has really considered the user and responded to feedback to create a compelling product becomes more than just a hobby tool kicking about in your bag. It’s time to upgrade your GoPro, you won’t regret it.” – Express Newspapers

“So the GoPro Hero 7 Black isn’t hugely different from the last model. In fact, when it comes to design and core specs, it’s pretty much the same. The new features are on the inside and within the software. Namely HyperSmooth brings excellent stabilisation that will be a real boon for anyone using the camera in situations where a gimbal isn’t an option. Live streaming will also be a sought after feature for many users and the other new things like TimeWarp and a new UI are all welcome, too. Whether you should upgrade to this model depends where you’re coming from and how much you will benefit from the new features. What we can say, is that this is one amazing action camera that’s difficult to beat – at a new lower price in the UK.” – Tech Advisor

Here are videos we found of the GoPro Hero7 Black:

And here are Instagram images we found:

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