GoPro Hero5 Black Review


What the GoPro site says about the Hero5 Black:

‘Performance dialed.

Life in 4K.
Capture incredible 4K video that’s as stunning as the moment itself.

Jump right in.
HERO5 Black is waterproof, durable and made to go where your smartphone can’t.

“GoPro, start recording.”
Take hands-free control of your GoPro using simple voice commands.

Roll smooth.
Capture clear, stabilized video whether you’re shooting by hand or using a GoPro mount.

Sweet view.
Frame the perfect shot and check out your photos and videos on the 2-inch touch screen.

Get the shot then kick back as your footage moves to the GoPro app and transforms into an awesome video—automatically.

Wear it. Mount it. Love it.
HERO5 Black is compatible with 30+ accessories that help you capture your passions in an all-new way.’

Image source: GoPro

What people are saying about it:

“Upgraded because it was time and I’m in LOVE with the Hero5 Black, very user friendly and awesome options!! I will almost miss my list of codes etc for the old GoPro:)
Loving the touchscreen, voice command…and instant playback and formatting the card right in the camera:)!! GoPro will always be a part of our family!”
– Tammy J. on

“I spent a lot of time searching for which GoPro I should buy. I finally came to conclusion and bought the GoPro Hero 5 Black and it is the best camera I have ever had. Everything about it is amazing- the quality, the durableness, and the talk sensory. I definitely recommend this GoPro because you cannot go wrong with it! Definitely worth the price!” – Kelly on

“Shooting on GoPro Hero5 is fun. I have it only for a few days and I know how to use it, it’s so simple and so much fun. I highly recommend this camera and definitely worth the price. This camera surely captures blissful moment and amazing videos with excellent quality . My only concern is it doesn’t work well in low light, so make sure you have proper light for better pictures.” – Vipul A. on

“This thing will survive everything. I’ve had it fall off a loader on a tractor because I didn’t lock the suction cup in and hit the tyre and land under the tractor and it was fine. Then today I did the same thing and didn’t lock it in and I was driving across a muddy paddock and it fell off and went under both tyres and suction cup and GoPro survived then about half an hour later the drone got magnetic interference and started flying backwards at 56KPH and I had to try land it and the whole thing backfliped when it hit the ground and it survived still. I’m really happy with how durable this is and the great quality of the video.” – Angus W. on

“Why can’t you just put in a microphone port? Oh because you can design a propriety cable to force the consumer to have to buy your special cable. You are no better than apple now as a company and I will not purchase an adapter for my camera that Should already include one. Last go pro I ever buy the audio sucks and I can’t even fix it without spending half of what the camera cost, you just lost a returning consumer over a your stupid greed. No wonder go pro stocks are falling. I’ll be taking my money out of the market too thanks!” – Jason D. on

Here are videos we found of the GoPro Hero5 Black:

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