Gato Heroi Space Pig Review


What the Gato Heroi site says about the Space Pig:

‘Futuristic pig mid-length design featuring wide point slightly aft, displaced by pinch rail foil constant curves and thin soft rails allow space pig to slip freely searching for trip speed, planing surface aft releases for smooth carve Space Pig has evolved into this versatile mid-length, featuring displacement width without resistance’

Image Source: Gato Heroi

Image Source: Wild Things Gallery

What people are saying about it:

“Space pigs are amazing all around mid-lengths and probably our most versatile in size options and overall wave match… With rolled bottoms and vee off the tail with slightly pinched rails throughout and up the rail in the nose to a more down rail in the tail… Very loose and responsive boards… Made for staying in trim and fast direction change with quick trips to the tip in the right spots… 9mm obeche stringer and a subtle eggshell pigment 3/4 deck patch.” – Wild Things Gallery

Sizes Available:
Available between 8′ – 9′

Here’s a video of the Gato Heroi Space Pig:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Ever surfed a Gato Heroi Space Pig? How did it go?

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