Gato Heroi Playboy Review


What the Gato Heroi website says about the Playboy:

‘Transitional squaretail plank with hipped vee, and pinched release rails bold lines blended for performance from nose to tail, pivot turn angular, or ride the nose with sensitive control Playboy has enhanced lines and thin feel that engage release for agile handling’

Image Source: Wild Things Gallery

Image Source: Gato Heroi

Image Source: Daydream Surf Shop

What people are saying about it:

“This model is directly inspired by the boards Australians surfed to 66/67 (think Nat Young Hot Generation) with the wide point setback, pinched rails, and strong vee through the tail, it’s a rocket, very versatile off the tail and maneuverable from the nose. With commitment and dynamic surfing, you will be surprised by the unlimited potential of this board.” – Wild Things Gallery

Sizes Available:
Available from 8’6 – 9’10

Here are videos of the Gato Heroi Playboy in action:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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