Gato Heroi Operator Review

What the manufacturer’s site says about the Operator:

‘9′ – 10′ Classic pintail longboard featuring a balanced outline, unique rocker and pinched rail, constant curve embodies the parallel plane-shape and soften bottom create smooth handling and versatility. Smooth operator rides the nose and redirects with fluidity. Available in width from 21 – 23’ Chop OP is the square tail version for maximum stability from the nose.’

Image Source: gatoheroi

What people are saying about it:

“The name sums it up well … A stable board with slight rocker, a rolled bottom and rails that allow the rider to stay in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly for stable noseriding and thin rails facilitate drop-knee turns and manoeuvrability. This is a classic model, slightly narrower with a little more volume in the rail for smooth, easy glide on smaller days.” –

“Wonderful!” – User p_kichi55 on Instagram

“Nice!” – User bowenfitness on Instagram

Available Sizes:

9’-10’ length
21”- 23” width

Here are videos we found of the Gato Heroi Operator:

And here are Instagram pictures we found:


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