Gary McNeill Torus Drive Review


What Gary McNeill says about the Torus Drive:

‘The current Rasta Torus Drive is the next evolution in this design. Born after an epiphany from watching the thrive movie four years ago, I’ve developed it with great feedback and design input from on of the best twin fin surfers on the planet… Dave Rastovich.’

Image Source: Gary McNeill

Image Source: Magic Quiver

20 - 46 LVolume
1 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Rasta Torus Drive works best in waves around the chest high range. It will work in a wide range of conditions including beach breaks, point breaks and reefs. Best for the intermediate – advanced surfer.” – Boardcave

“This board is sick.

I rode after work today in 3′-4′ long period very hollow wedging beachies. First up with the full T1 + trailer setup. I got a couple of very steep frontside A-frames that bowled out, and I was stoked with the speed and drive she generated. It paddles in early with the low entry rocker. It has a really nice feedback through turns, I could feel it load and unload pushing me further and faster the harder I stuck it. Only got a couple backhand, but it felt good… very quick.

As the bank started to go off the boil a little, I decided to try as a straight twin. I was highly skeptical the T1’s would be enough fin, as it was dredging a bit and I like big fins, but I was wrong. It’s one of the fastest boards I’ve ever ridden, just so free with so much hold up high. I didn’t get to rail it, just a few closeout barrels and racing sections with floaters.

It’s pretty curvy through the tail and 14.5″ ish so I’m guessing it was intended for fairly good surf. I would absolutely throw this in the boardbag for Indo or similar, but it will do nicely for the punchy days here, or even just the lined up ones (we don’t get much under 12 seconds).

So stoked, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl!” – user Clamsmasha on SURFER Forum

“Looks like a rocket. Can’t wait for the delivery!” – user andydigger83 on Instagram

“That twin fin he was on got riden by all the boys on the trip. They loved it.” – user swillpics on Instagram

Size Chart:

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